Acme Blogging App on Google Cloud

Acme Blogging App Hosting on Google Cloud Platform



This site has been created to document my approach to sample Acme Ltd case study.

Here I will:

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Repo Layout

├── docs                              # The documentation website src for ths repo
│   ├── pages                           # Content pages
│   ├── _data                           # Lookups, e.g. site navigation
│   ├── _layouts                        # Page templates
│   └── assets                          # Styling and images
├── iac                               # IaC
│   ├── 0-infra-bootstrap               # Create the Terraform bootstrap project, service account and permissions
│   ├── 1-cloud-build-shared-services   # Create the project for hosting the Cloud Build CI/CD pipeline
│   ├── 2-project-factory-init          # Terraform Project Factory for creating repeatable project environments
│   ├── 3-project-factory-network       # Terraform for deploying standard networking to the project
│   ├── 4-app-infra-db                  # Terraform for deploying HA DB, and DB secrets
│   └── 5-app-infra-frontend            # Terraform for deploying Ghost app servers, MIGs, load balancer
├── purge-app                         # Application for viewing and purging Ghost posts, written in Python.
│   └── tf-purge-app                     # Terraform for deploying Cloud Functions; expected to be triggered by Cloud Build
└──                         # Repo readme

About Me

My name is Darren Lester. I am an experienced enterprise architect with a focus on technology, cloud, and hosting infrastructure.

The content presented here is my own work. It is the accompanying documentation (e.g. solution options, solution design, deployment instructions, etc) for a case study I have implemented using Google Cloud.